This panel is developed for office use. The panel has excellent fire-proof and acoustic properties.


  • a 19 to 30 mm thick mineral core
  • Can be covered by galvanised steel

Covering options

Can be delivered without covering.

Other options

A 0.5mm thick bottom plate in galvanised steel. The plate can be extended to cover the sides.
A 0.5 mm top plate in galvanised steel


Standard size: 600 mm

Special sizes: 675mm, in modules

Fire resistance

Classified as M0 (SNPE report n° 1152-03 and 12215-05)

Electrical resistance

Varies between 5×108 to 2×1012 ohms

(This property depends on the covering used)

Load classifications

Burobox M0 30From 1A to 3A depending on the thickness of the mineral nucleus and the steel plates used.