About blix datagulv

Blix Datagulv AS is a prominent corporation that specializes in the distribution and installation of raised access floors, serving a diverse clientele spanning across the globe. With its inception dating back to 1982, the company has been instrumental in installing more than 250,000 square meters of raised access floors. Blix Datagulv AS prides itself on its extensive experience and uncompromising quality, leading to steadfast and enduring customer relationships.

Blix Datagulv AS represents Gamma Industries in France, who are a global leader in the raised access floor market.

We specialize in delivering industrial raised access floor to critical infrastructure like power stations, server farms, shipping industri and to installations in the north sea.
Over the past 5 years we have experienced fenomenal growth, and at the same time our collective competence has grown and with it a range of new innovative products and services.

We have our base of operations in Oslo, but can deliver worldwide. We also provide services for CAD planning, transportation and installation if needed.

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