Blix False Floor Grid System

The floor is built up around a prefabricated steel structure that is firmly bolted together.

It consists of tubular beam sections measuring 80mm x 40mm x 2mm.The pedestal supports, manufactured from the same beam section, are adjustable +/- 1 inch (25mm) from the nominal floor height. Beam sections and assembly parts are hot-dip galvanized, thereby complying with general building regulations.

The substructure is quickly and easily bolted together on-site. The pedestal supports are 

pre-assembled and shipped in a kit together with all profiles and assembly parts. Each floor comes with detailed mounting instructions in the form of a floor installation CAD drawing with all dimensions indicated. The floor panels, which are gravity mounted on top of the secondary beam sections, can easily be removed by using the lifting tool supplied. The shipment also includes maintenance and cleaning instructions.