This panel is renowned on the world market for its high quality, design, and surface.

Gammacore has aluminium edges that are attached into the core.

The panel has been developed especially for technical rooms like data centers and other scientific usage areas.


  • 30 mm thick dense resin bound core
  • 0,5 thick galvanised steel bottom plate
  • Peripheral aluminium edges attached to the core
  • Plastic top edged into the aluminium sides.

Covering options

Can be used with all kinds of covering except mineral and textile.
We recommend one of these:

  • High-pressure laminate
  • Vinyl
  • Linoleum
  • Rubber


Standard size: 600mm

Custom size: 610 x 610 mm can also be delivered.

Other sizes can be delivered, contact us.

Fire resistance

Classified as M1 (SNPE report n° 13149-07)

Electrical resistance

Varies between 5×105 to 2×1012 ohms

(This property depends on the covering used)

Acoustic Properties

The acoustic isolation between 2 adjacent rooms separated by insulating parts varies between 46 to 51 dBA. This varies slightly depending on the covering used.

Adheres to the standard: NF EN ISO 140-12

Load classifications

GammacoreSelf supporting1A (or 1B or 4C)N°
Stringers 30/152A (or 3B or 5C)N°