The Gammabox panel is developed for technical usage such as technical installations, data centers, medical and scientific purposes.
The panel can be used with any kind of covering except textile and mineral.


  • Hardened resin core measured at between 30 and 38mm height.
  • A 0.5mm bottom plate composed of galvanised steel
  • An outer layer of plastic attached to the sides of the panel

Covering options

  • High-pressure laminate
  • Vinyl
  • Linoleum
  • Textile covering
  • Rubber

Note: different coverings may or may not change the electrical resistance and acoustic properties.


Standard size: 600mm

Fire resistance

Classified as M1 (SNPE report n° 13149-07)

Electrical resistance

Varies between 5×105 to 2×1012 ohms

Acoustic Properties

The acoustic isolation between 2 adjacent rooms separated by insulating parts varies between 46 to 51 dB(A). This varies slightly depending on the covering.
Adheres to the standard: NF EN ISO 140-12

Load classifications

Gammabox 30Self supporting1A (or 2B or 3C)N°
Stringers 30/152A (or 3B or 4C)N°
Stringers 45/155A (or 5B or 5C)N°
Gammabox 38Self supporting3A (or 5B or 5C)N°
Stringers 30/155A (or 6B or 6C)N°