This panel is made by die-casting aluminium into a solid panel composition. The panel is used in technical, medical, industrial and maritime installations.

The panel is highly suitable for solutions that require high non-magnetic properties from the floor, and where an extremely high fire restiance is required.


Consists of the following:

  • 0.3 mm pressure distributing steel plate on the top.
  • Double peripheral support beams
  • A network of reinforcing support beams

The die-cast shape means that the panel meets very high technical demands for functionality and quality.

Covering options

  • Vinyl
  • Rubber

The Alucast panels’ grid can be delivered in its raw aluminium form or with epoxy/m


Standard size: 600mm

Fire resistance

Without covering this panel is 100% fire resistant

Electrical resistance

From 5×105 to 2×1012 depending on the covering.

Grid Spectrum

Alucast PF1 : 7% open area

Alucast PF2 : 11% open area

Alucast PF3 : 15% open area

Alucast PF4 : 22% open area

Alucast PF5 : 40% open area

Alucast AF6 : 60% open area

Load classifications

Alucast StandardSelf supporting
6A (or 6B or 6C)
Alucast PF4 (22%)Self supporting6A (or 6B or 6C)N°