Installation & Maintenance

Requirements For Rooms For Raised Access Floor Installation

Rooms must not be exposed to harsh weather.
Rooms must be equipped with outside glazing.
Concrete slab and plaster walls must be dry.
Concrete slab must be conform to article 5.2.2. of DTU 21: raw concrete is not allowed. The upper part of the concrete must resist when trying to manually remove a pedestal base bonded to the concrete. The concrete must be able to take the weight of the raised floor and the loads transmitted by the pedestal bases.
Rooms must not be encumbered with materials or tools to get a dry and clean concrete.
Rooms must be free of any other personnel during installation.
All rooms adjacent to the raised floor room must have the same floor height.
The ambient temperature of the rooms where the access floor is to be installed should be kept between 5°C and 24°C and the relative humidity between 45% and 70%. If the temperature is above 24°C ( but never above 30°C ) the relative humidity should not be over 50%. The subfloor temperature should not be below 5°C.
No water or any other liquid should be spread under or on top of the access floor.
No personnel may be allowed to walk on the raised floor during its installation for at least 48 hours.


The required finished level of the raised floor must be materialised by the architect or the building owner.
The location of the first panel to be installed is determined by the drawings, in such a way that the width of the panels cut along the walls will be more than 100 mm, providing good stability.
Handling and installation of any equipment or heavy material must be done on an added boarded flooring or load-spreading plates, rigid enough to spread the loads, to prevent overloading, tearing up or scratching of the floor covering.


The use of water can provoke swelling, oxidizing or destruction of the components of the panels. Cleaning products can damage the adhesives on the edges and corners. Even small quantities of a product can adversely affect the covering. Every covering has a data sheet for maintenance.