Blix Datagulv delivers  raised access floor panel solutions that have exceptional load power, built in non-flammable material and the framework supporting the panels is flexible and can easily be installed on rugged or uneven surfaces.

Safety & capabilities

Our installation is very durable and 100% non-flammable. Another important quality about our panels is the extreme weight they can endure, this makes our flooring solution especially suitable for industrial installations at sea.
Blix Datagulv floors have been installed in ships and oil platforms for over 30 years, and have proven their quality through use in the harsh conditions of the North Sea.
The panels are routinely tested for quality assurance. Our products are well documented and you can find all of our documentation on our website.

Our crew

We have a crew of highly trained professionals that can adapt to any circumstance that might arise. We guarantee that you will get a flooring solution that will hold up to its promise of excellent quality and endurance by following the 3D CAD models we create in-house. We can assist with custom adaptation of the solution to perfectly fit your needs, if this is required.

Delivery & optional installation

You can receive our raised access floor anywhere in the world, and we can also assist with installation if that is needed. We have many years of experience working in maritime conditions.

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