Blix Datagulv as - Raised Access floor

We have been delivering raised access floors for over 30 years. Our panels are widely used in industrial, technical, office and marine applications.

Worldwide delivery

Our floor panels can be delivered worldwide. We will supply all the documentation needed to install it yourself. We will always have up-to-date documentation regarding the different products you might purchase on our website, and we are happy to consult you in this regard. We can also offer CAD planning, transport, and installation if needed.

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Planning and consultation

Using CAD to design your solution we can ensure the most logical and efficient fit for all your components, guaranteeing the perfect underfloor fit. Starting with accurate measurements and a 3-dimensional model of your room, we can incorporate existing structural differences into the design, allowing our team of experts the flexibility needed to maximise your workspace and functional efficiency. Implementing the modern approach promises to give you the perfect customisation you need in any environment, giving you the most cost-effective solution possible.

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Our fleet of HGVs will deliver our professional team and products straight to your door, ready-to-go with all the tools and expertise needed to complete construction in the most timely manner. Coming with our own workshop inside the truck itself ensures minimal disruption to your place of business, while maximising our own efficiency knowing we have all the equipment we need to complete our job to the highest standard.

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With your choice of high-quality materials, finish, and structural supports, we endeavor to finish to the highest standards, providing you with the most modern platform to aerate, display, and tidy your computer components. Upon arrival our highly experienced team will get straight to work, fastidiously adhering to Health & Safety protocol, aiming to complete your project with skill and precision yet under reasonable deadline. Leaving you with a fresh, clean, and modern environment ready for immediate use, we proudly deliver the finest in functionality, aesthetics, and quality.

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