This panel is suitable for office buildings with reduced ceiling height. The panel has exceptional fire resistant properties that makes it literally fire-proof.


  • 19mm thick mineral core
  • 0.5 mm bottom plate in steel or aluminium
  • 0.5 mm top plate in steel or aluminium

Covering options

Compatible with textile covering only. Can also be delivered without covering.


Standard size: 600mm

Fire resistance

Classified as M0 (SNPE report n° 11152-03)

Electrical resistance

Varies between 5×108  to 2×1012 ohms

(This property depends on the covering used)

Acoustic Properties

The acoustic isolation between 2 adjacent rooms separated by insulating parts varies between 47 to 50 dBA. This varies slightly depending on the covering used.

Adheres to the standard: NF EN ISO 140-12

Load classifications

MinigamSelf supporting1A (or 1B or 1CN°